TH-8472T Digital DIN Rail Timer


TH-8472T Two Channels DIN Rail Digital Timer


  • Digital electronics general purpose time switch daily and weekly programs in 2 different channels
  • Repeatprograms with 8 ON/OFF locations. Each channel has up to 8 ON/OFF programs
  • Application in energy saving and security products with accurate switching purpose
  • LCD indicates for time-of-date & Weekday switching status
  • LED lights show the switching status for each channel
  • NiMH rechargeable button cell back up battery for power reserve more than 200 hours
  • Push button for three ways temporary override operation mode
  • Summer time function
  • Safety covers to cover terminals


  • Input range: 100-125VAC or 200-250VAC 50-60Hz
  • Output: Resisitve Load: 16 Amps@250VAC Maximum 3,680 Watts per channel

                            Inductive Load:    8 Amps@250VAC COSØ=0.4 per channel

  • Back up battery: 2.4VDC NiMH rechaargeable battery
  • Battery life cycle: 1000 times form empty to fully charge
  • Battery reserve time: More tha 200 hours after fully charge