TM-064 Outdoor Digital Dusk to Dawn Timer


Light Control Outdoor Timer


  • Outdoor or Indoor Light Sensor (CDS) Dusk to Dawn Timer.
  • 1-9 hours countdown after dark.
  • Single LED digit display for outdoor purpose.
  • Single button ease program.
  • water proof cable cord.
  • Single 3 prong plud with ground.
  • Water proof case.
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor lighting, garden lighting, seasonal lighting e.g. Christmas light etc.


  • Description: Light-controlled timer
  • Operation: Operated with a touch key
  • Display: one way LED
  • Work voltage: 125VAC/60Hz
  • Output load: 15 Amps/1875 Watts resistive load, 8 Amps/1000 Watts tungsten lamp, TV-5 125VAC
  • Timer hours: 1-9 hours
  • Work environment: Outdoor
  • Work temperature range: (+)40°C - (-)40°C